Kate Walshe

About Me

Kate has been serving the Montgomery and Howard county communities as an acupuncturist since earning her master’s degree from TAI SOPHIA in 2003.  She holds national acupuncture certification thru NCCAOM.  And she is a graduate of Loyola College of Maryland.   She supports patients with a wide variety of complaints including but not limited to anxiety, depression and other emotional challenges, Lyme disease, joint pain, back pain, fertility and menopausal symptoms.  Kate uses acupuncture, nutrition, and life style coaching to bring about healing in her patients.  Kate is a lover of both art and science. A lifelong artist Kate uses watercolor and oil paint to explore the beauty of the natural world.  As a scientist Kate received several Intramural Trainee Awards for conducting research in cell and molecular biology at the National Institute for Mental Health and the National Cancer Institute.  And she was part of a team which conducted a successful study of the use of acupuncture for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in active duty soldiers at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  These experiences gave Kate an appreciation for the complexity and creativity of life.  Kate regards the practice of acupuncture as an art form harnessing the innate power of our body, mind, and spirit to bring about healing.